Hendrix Bells

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The Hendrix Bells are an original Kaiouti Kids design.

Made with soft lush red velvet down the side of the the pants embellished with sequins red stars and made with black and white embroidered cotton fabric
These are a wide leg and flowy bells
Sizes 12 months - 7Y (while supplies last)
Limited Design

Kaɪoʊti Kids is a whimsical bohemian boutique made with high-quality materials, fabric, thread & embellishments. I pay high attention to detail & hand pick everything to create each look. Each piece is individually handmade and constructed with great care and creativity. All items are Professionally serged for durability and comfort.
Washing Care: All my items are made by hand and must be handled with care. I would recommend hand washing & lay flat to dry.

All designs shown are property of Kaiouti Kids & Atomic Stitches and are my original works and designs. Distributing and duplicating in any way is strictly prohibited without my permission. © 2003-2017 Kaɪoʊti Kids®


Image of Hendrix Bells Image of Hendrix Bells